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Last night I finished the book “The Flinch” by Julien Smith. The message came at an interesting time, since I have recently been entertaining the idea of searching for a new job (mine has become somewhat stale), moving cities, and generally starting anew. In addition to reinforcing the principles of hormesis and reason promoted by the Paleo scenesters, the book offers a very interesting take on the myriad reasons why people fail to achieve the level of happiness they dream of, whether in work or personally.

He called it “the flinch”. The force in our mind, shaped by experience and social conditioning, which leads us to fear the unknown. It’s the resistance. The voice in the back of our head that interprets the risks of failure, embarrassment, or pain, and allows us to talk ourselves out of the pursuit. It is the reason that we fail to experience childlike curiosity for the entirety of our lives.

It’s the reason most people are afraid of the prospect of leaving a secure, “good” job, moving cities, changing lifestyles, and seeking fulfillment doing something new. And it’s exactly why I am forcing myself to explore that change. To try to find something better. To beat the Flinch.