A little late on posting this week.  I’ve started a course in Gamification through Coursera, which began yesterday, so I procrastinated the writing like a lazy punk.  

I had a discussion earlier in the summer with a family member who had started a tech company and was pursuing getting all the applicable patents for his work and rolling it out soon.  He made the comment that he, his partner, and their investors are of the mind that a traditional business degree is obsolete.  The pace of development in the business sphere has rendered schools incapable of keeping up.  

After some thought on the matter, and with a mind to expand my business knowledge (or just acquire some), I decided to enroll in some free online classes.  If the internet has created an environment in which the textbook and in-person lecture format provided by universities can’t keep up, perhaps online lectures and digital content present a valid option.  If not, surely there is some good information to be learned.

The real quandary in self-study is how to quantify the information for the sake of a resume/CV or otherwise tell somebody that you know a lot because you’ve taken classes on it.  An MBA delivers that in three letters.  How can a self-study curriculum of Gamification, Healthcare Innovation, Design Theory, and other business classes be assembled into a recognizable “Custom Degree”?

If anything, hopefully this self-study program will give me the ammo (knowledge/inspiration) to help me figure out this whole “change the world” task I’ve set for myself.

So, how to merge design, health, and business in a profitable, socially-responsible, environmentally-restorative way…  I think I’ll create an MBA in that.