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There is a lot that can be learned from Poker (specifically No Limit Texas Hold ‘Em), that applies to business and the business of Design.

First, any poker player will tell you that once your money is on the table, it is no longer money.  It’s chips.  Chips to be used in play to create more chips.  Creating table image, betting in the right places, and protecting your chips in the wrong places, are mechanisms used to grow the stack.  

Business is no different.  Once you’ve committed, the money used for, and generated by, your project, should be used to create more money for the project.  Analyzing the best way to use the money to create a brand (table image), leverage relationships (judging the play of the rest of the table), and launch a product/design (make a play), are ways to use that money to your advantage.  

So, how do you get the most “bang for your buck”.  Do you play super-aggressive, or slow and calculated?  This would depend on the market (table), and personal style.  But, one thing is for certain: Once the chips are in play, they’re up for grabs.  So, protect yours, and be mindful of the way you’re using them, even if you’re choosing to run your business the way Doyle Brunson would run a Hold ‘Em table.