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If we could just make our cities more natural…  

If we take cues from nature in our designs…

The way plants act in Nature…

So, what is this Nature everyone talks about?  Is it wilderness?  Earth, flora, and fauna before human intervention?   A collective Utopian vision of harmony, health, and abundance?

Perhaps we’re failing to realize that everything around us IS nature.  Our cities ARE nature.  The Earth isn’t a map of four colors: Land, Water, Nature, Humans.  It’s Land and Water.  We are no different than any other species that modifies the Earth, we’re just “better” at it.  

Truth be told, we are the only species that can delineate between “nature” and “not nature”.  We’re also the only species that can destroy entire ecosystems based on an imaginary system of commerce.  

Maybe Nature is to blame.  Or, more likely, our use of it to keep from describing what we really mean, and to make ourselves feel better in the process.