The question is: what are you reclaiming it as?

You may be delivering it back to a perceived version of nature. Tallgrass prairie, hardwood forest, desert, riparian system, etc.

You may decide that it should be reclaimed as a French garden. Or an English garden.

You may want it to be reclaimed to an agricultural field.

Finally, you may want to reclaim a landscape as part of the modern, urban, connected world. This is where things get complicated, because the reclamations you see around you don’t work. They aren’t tolerant of changing climate, they don’t reflect the uniqueness of their context, and they don’t nurture human health and promote creativity.

The first two are (poorly) reflected in the design of every subdivision, commercial center, and urban plaza we see around us. The third is slowly making its way into residential and certain municipal settings, by way of gardens, urban agriculture, and edible public space.

The fourth idea has yet to happen. That’s the one I’m most excited about.